Wonderlust Travel

Gulf Coast, Mississippi La Paz, Mexico How Gay Is The Planet? Belize Montreal Ian Schrager Reload, Cape Town Boarding House, Cape May, NJ Bridgehampton, NY Brownsville Roasters, NY Obama Presidential Center, Chicago Hewing Hotel, Minneapolis Coffee in Serbia Turkey  Eataly Travel Books Interesting restaurants in the world  Stop the Hot Lists, please Musette Vancouver  CoffeeContinue reading “Wonderlust Travel”

Post Modern PR

“Post-modernism is modernism after the blow stopped hurting” (Once overheard in a chatroom) The oracle of post-modernism Friedrich Nietzsche at the turn of the previous century, around 1880, philosophised that an emerging nihilism is creeping into culture and in specific into western society. This in turn gave rise to hard-core perspectivism for over the last 100 yearsContinue reading “Post Modern PR”

instead of pseudo sexy airbrushed naked chicks with huge tits we can now rather have slightly gross, yet erotic naked guys with some kind of aesthetic paired with their fuck off hot intellect…

Love. Devotion. Contextually the vibrations of this concept can toy and fuck with the honor you hold so dear. Precious he says. Pathetic she spits. To find the love, to find the devotion. It has to rise and grow, meander and steal from the self, the I.

Reckless dazzled flirting. The fragrant hotel rooms in your mind are expansive with linen from unexplored countries , more glamorous and sophisticated…of course. It makes for arrant discernment. The flesh feels better in your fantasy. The lips taste less cruel, less contrived. When you jump on the bed living your legs as high as theyContinue reading