Welcome to Everywhere, my original travel podcast with iHeartMedia, that now lives in the world. 

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Everywhere. Yes it’s the first-ever iHeartRadio Original travel podcast and it will take you on a ballyhoo of an adventure across the entire globe – from Bhutan, to Bainbridge Island, with a stop for a pour over coffee in between.

The 26-episode podcast has a mission to support travelers in their quest to overcome fears and ditch awful preconceptions about travel. So yes, throw out those lists, stop reviewing already, and can we just put down the social media, please? So FYI, episodes will air each Thursday on the iHeartRadio app and everywhere you get your podcasts.  

“Everywhere” takes a care-free open approach to travel, encouraging listeners to explore the world freely in a meaningful way, regardless of wealth or mode of travel. Covering a variety of truculent topics, each episode will focus on a specific theme framed as a travel commandment to inspire listeners. Episode topics include Thou Shalt Talk to Strangers, Thou Shalt Just Go With It and Thou Shalt Know Your Starting Point.

“Everywhere” will feature different places and magical experiences alongside interviews from travel connoisseurs including Kevin Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of Starbucks; Kelly Wearstler, American Designer; Richard Stengel, On-Air Analyst for MSNBC; Stephanie Stebich, Director of the Smithsonian American Art Museum; Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington, Anais Mitchell of Hadestown, and many more.

 “In my new iHeartRadio podcast, I want to help travelers to engage fully with the world and its humanity in a deeply meaningful way,” said Scheffler. “You will cry, and laugh in every single episode!”

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