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For the sake of social media

Whether social media can be a stand-alone, and if it can truly affect change. Let’s say that Malcolm Gladwell’s proof that social media is only functional if it “deciphers some historic collective action dilemma” is essentially flawed. Gladwell wrote in The New Yorker, last October, that social media is rather irrelevant to the greater scheme of things. WhichContinue reading “For the sake of social media”

Post Modern PR

“Post-modernism is modernism after the blow stopped hurting” (Once overheard in a chatroom) The oracle of post-modernism Friedrich Nietzsche at the turn of the previous century, around 1880, philosophised that an emerging nihilism is creeping into culture and in specific into western society. This in turn gave rise to hard-core perspectivism for over the last 100 yearsContinue reading “Post Modern PR”

Casual communication

Have we become too casual? If the obvious zeitgeist of our times is the desperate need for connection and endless sharing, albeit on Facebook and Twitter, then the genteel zeitgeist of our times is casualisation – specifically the uber-casualisation of our lives. Whether we apply this supposition to personal or business affairs the examples are in profusion. CasualisationContinue reading “Casual communication”